Of Love; Soulmate

Have you ever wondered when, or how, you will meet your soulmate? It’s all about that moment; the awkward moment when your eyes meet his or hers, the butterfly-in-stomach sensation┬áduring the first handshakes, the oh-so-wonderful tune that your heart sings when you listen to his or her voice. That moment is what our society perceives, or rather forces┬áto perceive, as the arrival of love. I spent years of childhood and then adolescence, being swooned away by romantic fairytales. The philosophy of “someday, your prince will come, riding a white horse” was what shaped me, and the whole generation into hopeless romantic. The grandeous, majestic arrival of the prince that will bring us into his castle, where we will live happily ever after, was what I waited for. Surely, the dream was crashed by harsh realities that finding a true love, is much more easier said than done. Several (severe) heartbreaks, and my opinion about love has shifted. Perhaps, it never exists, at least for me.

And then, he appeared.

The moment when I met him was, well, nothing. No confetti, no butterfly-in-stomach sensation, no romantic songs playing in the background, nothing. No ecstatic moment of joy, of hearing your heart says “He’s the One”. Familiarity. That’s what I feel. Somehow, I feel like I’ve known him before. Somehow, all my body cells are jolted with acknowledgement; of him, of his presence; of his being. I can’t quite explain the deja-vu feeling when we talked for hours (perhaps we used to do that in Heaven before we sent to the Earth to our parents, yes?). It’s all there; the internal jokes, opinions shared, rants and complaints, just between the two of us.

And before I knew, I was, and am falling for him.

This time, there is no hesitation to say ‘yes’. To him. To share the rest of our lives together.

It is never in my intention to describe the ideal of how love should be; in fact everyone has his or her personal encounter with love, that is unique. So find yours, and I would gladly listen to your stories too!


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