Of Wedding Preparation; List of Vendors (Part I)


Here I am again! 2 posts in 2 days, what an achievement! But for this post (and all the wedding-related posts), I would disengage from my sophisticated, poetic kind of writing style, and turn on my fun, cheerful personality! So, I want to talk about my wedding preparation! Mr. Orange and I will celebrate our union in the end of 2017 (still so far away, I know), but we are almost done with our list of wedding vendors, just to save us from last-minute, unnecessary stress. Besides, there are still so many things to be taken care of before our wedding (namely: future home, ministry, and so on), so we try to finish off things as much as possible.

By the way, I am Ms. Panda (proper introduction at last), and my fiance’s name is Mr. Orange. We currently stay in Jakarta, Indonesia, and we welcome all of you readers to visit our humble space. Especially you, all of calon pengantin or capeng 2017, let’s stay in touch. Just drop your email in the comment, and I would contact you soon.

Now, let’s go back to the topic. Where were we? Yes, list of vendors. So here we go!

1.Venue : Balai Samudra, Kelapa Gading

A very big ballroom, classic design, and so close to my and our future home. Being a Gadingers, I never visit it (HAHA), but Mr. Orange has gone there twice or thrice, and he said that I would love it when I saw it. True enough, I like it a lot! I feel so small in that big ballroom. Besides, the price is very reasonable for such a big ballroom with capacity of 3000 pax (standing party), as compared to hotel ballroom. The only negative thing about this place is that there is no flexibility in choosing catering, decoration, and wedding photography and videography vendors. They have partners for these categories, and you will be charged additional fee of as much as 15 million if you use outside vendors. For catering, they are partnered with (almost) all the famous wedding catering, so food would be no issue. For the other two categories, some partnering vendors are quite good, unless you have already decoration or wedding photography/videography in mind, that are not included in the partner list, then there would be a problem. So which partner vendors I chose? You’ll find out soon!

Address: Jl. Boulevard Barat No.1, RT.2/RW.9, Klp. Gading Barat, Klp. Gading, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Contact : (021) 45851721 or 0813 – 1135 – 3254 (Risma – Marketing)

2.Wedding Organizer : Five Seasons

So, after I booked venue, I was looking into wedding organizer. Thanks to Bridestory.com, I have listed some potential vendors. Finding their contacts is easy, and after getting their pricelists and some chitchatting via WhatsApp, I decided to arrange a meeting with two vendors. Mr. Orange was busy (as usual), so I went by myself. The first vendor I met is S***k***g WO. I met the two owners, and so far they are nice and helpful. They also suggested some wedding vendors to me, even when I have not dealed with them yet. Being a lazy person, I almost dealed with them immediately (since Mr. Orange said that I can choose the WO that I like), but Mr. Orange said that it would be better to see the other vendor first, for comparison. Then I met Five Seasons WO. The co-owner, Norisia (or Nori, to be short) is very young and cheerful. But she has been in this business for years, and that is quite impressive, judging from the fact that she is two-year-younger than me. Despite of her age, she professionally explained to me the function of WO, the jobdesk of each crew, the service that they offer, and so on. Well, long story short, I got hitched and decided to deal with Five Seasons WO. Basically, I pay for Wedding Organizer D-Day service, but get Wedding Planner Service instead. And there are lots of bonuses given <3. Totally recommended for a super mager bride-to-be like me!

Contact : 0817 0133 788 (Norisia)

IG : fiveseasons_WO

3.Catering : Alfabet Catering

Everyone would agree with me that this catering is delicious (Hands’ up for those of you who have attended wedding that used Alfabet as catering service!). The best part is there is no limitation of food-tasting. They can even send the food to your house, but I prefer to have food testing on the main office/kitchen. Anyway, there is a funny story in regards to choosing catering. So, my family and I always use B*** I***h as caterer whenever we have events, such as birthday celebration, church gathering, and so on. Turns out Mr. Orange and his family know the owner of Alfabet, so we can get the best price. Many friends were recommending this catering as well. When I told my mom about it, she remembered that there was a time she attended a wedding and was blown away by the food served. She remembered that she kept the tissue engraved with catering’s identity, and after searching all her party clutches, she finally found the tissue, with almost-dissapeared-engravement of the catering’s name, and guess what! It’s Alfabet. Therefore, we picked Alfabet.

Address : Jl. Minangkabau No. 24, Ps. Manggis, Kecamatan Setiabudi, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Contact : (021) 8294465 or 0812 1007 3929 (Santi)

4. Decoration : Evlin Decoration and Lighting : DeLight Lighting

Thanks to Instagram, and also list of partner vendors of Balai Samudra, I did not need to have too much of galau moments of deciding which decoration vendor we would be using. About half of partner vendors of Balai Samudra were streaked out since they provide decoration for traditional/cultural wedding. Out of the remaining vendors, we chose to meet three of them, namely G**s**a, Wh**e P***l, dan Evlin. I was in love with the first vendor; in fact my cousin used them as vendor for her wedding and the decoration was beyond amazing. Totally in love, and totally recommended if you have the budget. Since we try to minimize the cost as much as possible, we choose not to take this vendor. The second vendor has amazing portfolios too, but I have heard from some trusted reviews that the real decoration were not the same as the design that has been agreed on. The actual decoration was not bad too, but some brides and grooms were dissappointed with the result. Thus, it’s a NO for us. The third vendor, which is Evlin Decoration, is the one we dealed with, since we like the portfolio and the price given :P. So far, the marketing has been giving a good service, by reminding us to come to their office to see their portfolios in details and discuss about our wedding decoration (which we have not done until now, because of magerness and too much things to do on weekend).

As for lighting, we picked DeLight, since it is Evlin’s partner (discounted price at its best!) and the price is affordable as compared to other lighting vendors. In addition, we got free Wedding Monogram as a bonus, since we dealed with them during Balai Samudra Open House.

IG : evlindecoration / delight_jkt

Contact : 0821 5134 2233 (Azizah – Evlin Decoration) /0812 8148 1400 (Danny – deLight)

Well, I guess I will take a break from writing as for now. Next post, I would talk about photography and videography services (wedding day coverage, outdoor and indoor prewedding).

P.S: If any of you wants to know more about the vendors listed above, please do not hesitate to leave a comment. I will reply your comment as soon as possible!

6 thoughts on “Of Wedding Preparation; List of Vendors (Part I)

  1. Halow Halow wah keren nih blog na hehehehe, 2017 yah ga ada salahnya siapin dari sekarang, justru makin manteb yak hehehehe, emank yah decor itu bikin galauness wkwkwk, bagus deh kalo udah dapet yg pas, banyak yang puas dengan Evlin ;D Di tunggu post post lanjutannya

    1. Hello Ci Orin! Iya Ci, kalau ditunda-tunda nanti takut stress. Senang ga senang nih Balai Samudra mesti pakai rekanan, senang jadi ga perlu survey banyak-banyak, ga senang juga kalau ternyata ada non-rekanan yang lebih bagus dan on budget. Hahaha. Doakan aku ga malas update ya Ci 😛

  2. Hi Stella 🙂

    Ini Pricil.

    Ternyata kmu juga ada buat blog ya hehehe…

    Semoga preparation kita lancar terus ya sampe hari H.

    Semangat bride to be ! 😀

    1. Hello Pricil! Wah, kita ga cuma sama-sama bride to be, bahkan sampai tanggalnya sama ya. Hehehe.
      Iya, ini blog kolaborasi sama my fiance. Kamu juga punya blog ya, mampir ah 😀
      Sama-sama, semangat preparationnya ya!

  3. salam kenal Stella…
    wah hebat banget udah lumayan banyak keisi list vendor nya..
    prewed outdoor nya menyenangkan sekaliii, ke Thailand..
    ditunggu posting foto2 prewed nya, pasti keren…
    semangat ya preparation nya, semoga lancar yaa 🙂

    1. Hi Yanti,

      Kalau ga salah, kamu wedding di Oktober ini ya?
      Menyenangkan karena sekalian jalan-jalan kali ya, kalau foto-fotonya katanya pegel juga ya. Hehehe.
      Iya, stay tune ya, nanti aku post foto-foto preparation juga hehehe 😀
      Doakan semoga aku bisa turun sekitar 10 kg waktu prewed *amin

      Semangat kamu preparationnya, ditunggu kelanjutan post nya di blog 😀

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