Of Wedding Preparation; List of Vendors (Part 2)


So as promised, I would like to continue listing my wedding vendors. Been thinking about using Bahasa, but then it sounds weird. Well, my verbal Indonesian language is still good, but my written is a bit off, thanks to five-year-experience of living abroad. So yeah, maybe some time later I will try to use Bahasa, but for now, I stick to English.

In this post I would reveal my wedding photography and videography vendor, as well as indoor and outdoor prewedding vendor. As mentioned in the previous post, I must choose wedding photography and videography vendor from the list of Balai Samudra’s partner vendors. So the chosen vendor is ……………… *drumrolls*

5. Wedding Day Photography and Videography : Maximus Photography and Video

So, what I did was putting a particular name of the vendor into Bridestory/Instagram search, and I could easily look through its portfolios. But I was captivated by this vendor’s portfolio and then asked for its pricelist. I just love the way it captured the emotions of the bride and groom, as well as all the wedding details. Mr. Orange is particularly strict for photography and videography vendor since he is into protography himself, but he loves its portfolios too.

Source: @maximuspictures (Instagram)


And also, we get 20% discount since it is partnered with Balai Samudra! Lucky for us, since we contacted them at the beginning of 2016 (around February), we get 2015’s pricelist + 20% discount. That’s why Mr. Orange and I prepare our wedding long before the D-day (around 1 year and 10 months in advance), to minimize the wedding vendors’ price increment.

This vendor might not be as famous as A***o or Mo***o, but I think that I get more than what I paid for. Here is the wedding photography and videography package that we take:

  • 2 Photographers and 2 Videographers
  • 1 Albun 30 X 40 cm (40 pages)
  • 2 DVD Editing Video (Wedding Movie)
  • All Photo Images
  • All Master Videos
  • Suitcase Album Box


  • 2 Photoclips (Memories / Prewedding)
  • Same Day Edit Video
  • Save the Date Video
  • Mini Gallery (10 Frames)
  • Highlights / Teaser Video

The bonuses are flexible, in which you can shift the bonuses into each other. I am thinking of changing the mini gallery into canvas, since I have already obtained mini gallery from my prewedding package. But it’s OK, it can be discussed later nearer the D-Day.

Contact : 0821 – 1001 – 9004 (Toto)

Office : Mahaka Square, 2nd Floor, C-29-C30, Kelapa Gading

IG: maximuspictures

6. Outdoor Prewedding Photography : Maximus Photography and Video

For prewedding, Mr. Orange and I have decided to go to Thailand. The reason was because we love the food, and also, the accommodation, airplanes tickets, and living costs are cheap as compared to Australia (Mr. Orange’s second hometown) or even Singapore (my second hometown). I can go shopping spree at Bangkok somemore. But the problem of doing overseas prewedding, especially in the non-English speaking countries, is that you must bring the photographer and MUA from Indonesia, which means EXTRA cost. So, we were having quite a hard time finding a vendor which has good portfolios and affordable prices.

After a long search, we found vendor named The Pic**** Ho*** Photography. After contacting the marketing, we went into its office to have a meeting. The portfolios are very good, I must say, and the price is reasonable. Their package includes tickets and accomodation for crews, and MUA. Unfortunately, the package is only for 1-day photography service, and this vendor never takes prewedding shoots in Thailand yet. Quite a bummer, huh? I was expecting lower price to accommodate its lack of experience of shooting in Thailand, but the discounted price was still out of budget, considering the fact we must pay for an extra day.

Since we have gotten a full pricelist for Maximus, and we thought that the price was cheaper than the other vendor, we decided to use Maximus for outdoor prewedding as well. The plus point of using the same vendor for wedding day and prewedding coverage is that you have gotten use to the crews as to minimize the awkwardness in shooting candid photos/videos, so you can relax knowing that you are shooted by your own friend, not a total stranger. The chemistry between photographers and the clients is important too, I think 🙂

Thailand Prewedding Package

  • 1 Photographer
  • 2 Days Photoshoot
  • 1 Album 20X30 cm (22 pages)
  • 60 Edited Images
  • CD Photo All Images
  • Hotel and Airfare Tickets for Crews
  • MUA

Bonus :

  • Photo Clip (Slideshow)
  • Canvas 60 X 90 cm
  • Mini Gallery (10 Frames)

Exclude : Location Fee and Transportation during Photoshoots

Recently, I decided (with Mr. Orange’s approval, of course) to take out MUA from our prewedding package, so the package’s price is reduced by 5 mio, since I prefer to use other MUA (a friend of mine too!), to do my makeup for prewedding. Toto, the owner of Maximus, is so nice for approving my request, since he said that it is actually forbidden for a client to choose the MUA by herself and ask for price reducement. Thank you To, you are the best!

Some prewedding pictures taken by Maximus :

13129717_1018850621540360_754420847_n 13266886_1106918936046205_1613777296_n 13151147_1602222533427861_1698440411_n 13298052_1738891953020670_2098895528_n

P.S: We are going for prewedding photoshoots on December, 4th – 8th, 2016. More posts on prewedding preparation soon!

6. Indoor Prewedding and Engagement Day Photography : Calia Photography

Since I get free makeup trial from my wedding MUA, I decided to take indoor photoshoot to put it into a good use. Been looking for indoor prewedding vendors, but the prices offered did not suit our budget. Luckily, I have a friend from Female Daily Forum, who recommended this vendor. This vendor is quite new in wedding business, but the owner/main photographer has experience of working as the assistant photographer for big vendors. I love the style though; it is more into simple, classic style than props. The studio itself will be finished in September 2016, which is not a problem for us since we will be doing indoor prewedding shoots approximately 2-3 months prior to the wedding.

What I like about this vendor is that they have option of full package (included printed material) and digital package ( softcopy only in high resolution). Since we have already obtained printed materials from outdoor prewedding, we take the digital package. If we liked the photos, we can print it by ourselves, right? And after some long negotiation talk, we also decided to use their service (1 photographer) for our engagement coverage next year.

Contact : 0812 9370 2951 (Dre)

IG : @caliaphoto

P.S : You can get 20% discount from the pricelist from any service, as long as you dealed with them in 2016 🙂

P.P.S : The owner and his crews are still very young (Born in 1993), so no need for “Koko” or “Kakak” when you are talking to them (HAHA).

So, next post I will talk about wedding dress and MUA vendors. Stay tune, see you all soon!



11 thoughts on “Of Wedding Preparation; List of Vendors (Part 2)

  1. Yayyyyy, doa na terkabul hahahaha ada postingan baru hihihihi. Wahhhh seruuuu banget ke Thailand, sorry nih komen na pake bahasa Indo hihihi, inggris nya pas pasan hehehee. Senangnya persiapan prewed, wah makanan Thailand juga enak enak tuh, kalian rencana ke kota apa aza? Chiang rai white temple kayana keren hehehehehe, jangan lupa rita lagiiii yahhhh , semangatttttttt

  2. Iya Ci, kemarin ini lg mengumpulkan niat untuk ngeblog yang berceceran di lantai *pungutinsatusatu. Iya, aku suka banget makanan Thailand jd lumayan excited nih buat jalan-jalan kesana. Waktu itu sempet sih ke Phuket tp cuma mampir 1 hari aja jadi kurang puas . Kemarin ini sempet mau ke Chiang Rai, ada bunga sakura juga loh, tp ga jadi nih wktnya engga pas. Kita sih ke Bangkok aja, cuma ntar ya mampir ke daerah daerah sekitarnya jg. Sejauh ini yg fixed cuma ke Chocolateville sama Sunflower Field aja. Yang lainnya masih harus dibicarakan lg sm photographer nya

  3. Wah, asiknyaaaa… Chocolateville baguss bgt buat prewedddd! Pengennnnn.. Sayang waktu ke thailand itu masih cuma temenan sama calon suami jd ngk bs sekalian photo ala2 prewed, jadiannya setelah balik dr bangkok #curhat.. Persiapannya udah mateng bgt kamu.. Semoga cepet muncul list2 vendor lainnya.. Hihihihi 🙂

    1. Stev, sudah pernah ke Chocolateville? Bagus ga? Hehehe. Aku sih belum pernah ke Bangkok sama sekali, cami yang udah dan dia juga ga mampir ke Chocolateville. Itu random banget lagi cari cari inspirasi lokasi bagus di Thailand trus nemu. Hehehe. cuma ya location fee nya cukup mahal ya *nangisdipojokan. Wih, jadi Bangkok tempat cinta kalian bersemi dong? Hihihi. Balik lagi Stev buat honeymoon 😛

  4. Wah bisa-bisa jadi lebih excited sama jalan-jalannya daripada foto prewednya nih hehehe..

    Aku pake vendor Pic**** Ho*** Photography ini lol. Aku juga baru tau katanya dulu dia ini masih termasuk murah pas baru-baru buka. Terus sekarang mulai terkenal dan dia naikin harganya lumayan. Apalagi kalo foto sama ownernya langsung, lumayan beda jauh ya harganya. Aku ngerasa juga sih dia agak gak fleksibel kalo masalah harga hehe..

    Maximus bagus juga banyak yang pakai. Ditunggu postingan prewednya XD

    1. Hei Tashya, iya nih lebih excited jalan-jalan daripada photo prewednya. Bener, dulu katanya Picho harganya OK ya, sekarang lumayan pricey loh. Tp mmg hasilnya baguuuus *gagal move on. Beruntung deh kl km msh dapat harga yg dulu .

      Iya, Maximus OK jg sih hasilnya. Aku ga terlalu picky sih soal fotografi, baik prewed, maupun wedding asal masih masuk akal aja harganya dan hasilnya. Hehehe.

      Masih lama Tash prewednya, duluan km post wedding day km dulu

  5. haii salam kenal aku Angie wedding end of this year :). aku tadinya mau book donny tp dia uda cuti pas tanggal aku haha. singapore jg second hometown ku dl disana pas uni 4 tahun 😀 jd tertarik book indoor prewed jg nih krn ada free make up trial sayang jg ya ga dipake 😀

    1. Hey Angie, salam kenal!

      Sama-sama anak Singapore nih. Km dulu kuliah dimana? Aku disana waktu SMP – lulus SMA.

      Iya emang Donny cepet bgt full-bookednya. Km jdnya pakai siapa untuk MUA?

      Iya, sebenarnya sih karena sayang sm test makeup. Tp kalau ga dipakai untuk indoor prewedding, bisa jg untuk engagement sih. Hehehe.

  6. Halo sis.. mau tanya dong.. kemarin prewed di bangkok 2 days ya? Boleh tau foto dimana saja dan berapa location fee nya?
    Anw, aku sempet googling kalo masuk ke chocolate ville itu ga bayar, tapi kalo kita mau pake utk foto prewedding mesti bayar ya?
    Thankyou before 🙂

    1. Hello Rachel!

      Iya, kemarin ini aku prewed 2 hari di Thailand. Berikut tempat-tempat yg aku kunjungi:
      – The Venezia Hua Hin
      Full Day (8 Hours): 4,999 Baht
      – Sunflower Field: 10 Baht per orang
      – Palio Khao Yai 2,500 Baht setengah hari (4 jam)

      Hope it helps ya 🙂

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