Redamancy: The Lit Bit Of Love

Is it an English word? Yes it is! Though it’s not commonly used. As fascinating as it sounds, its literal meaning is the act of loving the one who loves you; a love returned in full. The problem is it’s impossible to know for certain that the one you love completely loves you in return. Stopping in the middle of our days to wonder, while we think of them, who are they thinking of? What part of the beautiful expressions and tokens are real, and which ones are just expected to be given? However it’s going to be a never-ending debate about the ideal concept of how love should work. Our ego have made it so that we refuse to give because we do not know whether it will be given back, how can love exist in such a sad state?

When asked what people fear most about falling in love with someone, usual answers of rejection and betrayal come by the dozens. It’s just a human nature for us to want to be accepted, loved completely, and unconditionally. Redamancy talks about the perfect state of love, the equality that shapes the human behavior, nurtures the relationship, and forges the love itself. Its egoistic-yet-not-so-egoistic-nature could give courage to people in order to love and feel beloved, through a leap of faith which looks like a very thin line between overwhelming joy and great despair. Yet people still falling in love nowadays~

Love is not over-rated when you know how to love though it is not coming with the manual book of how to set it up properly until you can reap the full benefits. Here it is, the E=mc² of love. in the partnership of love, there are two roles: the lover and the beloved. You’ve seen this dynamic at play in your relationships, as well as your friends, colleagues, and family.

To give you an example, imagine a bird and a hand. The bird needs to be free to fly while the hand is opened for the bird to be able to land. If the hand tried to keep the bird tight to it then the bird would fly for good. Likewise, if the hand thought that the bird wasn’t going to return, the hand will go and find a new bird to love. This dynamic requires a certain level of trust and confidence. Day-by-day we should fit and switch roles with our significant others. Because, when two hands grip each other, their tight squeeze lacks surprise then it grows boring and airless. And when two free-spirited birds get together usually they don’t spend enough time together, sooner or later all the freedom between them turns the relationship sad and ugly. Thus, by switching places effectively,

  • It means your relationship will never be boring.
  • It means you respect each other’s role and start growing trust.
  • It means you know your significant other’s more than anyone else.

This formula is the key ingredient in breeding passion in relationship. From passion comes love. Deep love. Earth-shattering, and can’t-live-life-without-each-other-kind of love. Redamancy, does this word still relevant for your relationship? Kindly ask and answer will be found deep down in your heart~

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